Availability means growth and customer satisfaction!

Are you always available to your customers? We’ll be on call when your employees are on holiday. We’ll improve your profitability by taking care of the services that your company does not have the resources to maintain.

Expert Services

Our service range includes:

  • Customer services,
  • Contact center and call center services,
  • Technical support (help desk),
  • Booking and switchboard services,
  • Telesales and booking appointments,
  • Online shop services (customer service, chat and accounts receivable),
  • Consultation and customer service training tailored to your needs.

Provide the Best Possible Customer Experience

We answer incoming calls within a minute or call back!

We serve your customers in an expert and personal manner. We rely on people, not machines, to interact with your customers. Our service concept focusses on customer needs, listening to the customer and providing a pleasant customer experience even in challenging situations. We offer our customers the many benefits of a large contact center. Thanks to the CallBack function, your customers will always get the service they need within a reasonable period of time, not to speak of the modern chat feature.

Each Contact Is a Sales Opportunity

Sales-oriented customer service lies at the core of our operations – all our services aim to increase your company’s sales. Our contact center staff are trained in all aspects of customer service.

We use the latest technical solutions in our services as well as a multi-channel approach. Live chat is an effective sales channel! It increases and improves customer satisfaction.

We also monitor the quality of our services on a regular basis to ensure ongoing development of our sales efforts.

Service Packages Tailored to the Special Requirements of Your Business

Drawing on our extensive experience, we offer service packages targeted at certain fields of activity where attention must be paid to specific requirements and standards. Our strong experience as a contact center is an asset in many situations!

We are particularly proficient in these fields:

  • Insurance – CallWaves Insura™
  • Financing – CallWaves Finanssi™
  • Energy – CallWaves Energa™
  • Motoring and traffic – CallWaves Traffic™
  • Online shopping – CallWaves Webshop™

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What are the benefits of outsourcing your customer service? What is the best way to implement a sales-oriented customer service?

What are the benefits of outsourcing your customer service? What is the best way to implement a sales-oriented customer service?

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